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Shipping Terminology

A.C.A. Air Cargo Automation
A.C.S. Alameda Corridor Surcharge
A.T.F. Airline Terminal Fee
B.A.F. Bunker Adjustment Factor
BCN Buyer's Consolidation
B.S.C. Bunker Surcharge (aka BAF)
C.A.B.A.F. Currency Adjustment Factor & Bunker Combined
C.A.D. Cash Against Documents
C.A.F. Currency Adjustment Factor
C.B.M. Cubic Metre
CFT Cubic Feet
C.S.F. Carrier Security Fee
D.O. Delivery Order
E.B.A.F. Emergency Bunker Adjustment Factor
E.D.I. Electronic Data Interchange
E.D.O. Electronic Delivery Order
E.F.A.F. Emergency Fuel Adjustment Factor
E.I.S. Equipment Imbalance Surcharge
F.C.L. Full Container Load
F.E.U. Forty-Foot Equivalent Unit
FRT Freight
F.S.C. Fuel Surcharge
G.R.I. General Rate Increase
I.C.S. Integrated Cargo System
I.C.T. Internet Cargo Tracking
I.D.F. International Document Fee
I.D.O. Import Delivery Order
I.T.F. International Terminal Fee
KG Kilogram
LB Pound
L/C Letter of Credit
L.C.L. Less Than Container Load
L.O.L.O. Lift On/Lift Off
O.R.C. Origin Receiving Charge
P.C.S. Panama Canal Surcharge
Primage Additional Customs Tax
P.S.S. Peak Season Surcharge
R.O.R.O. Roll On Roll Of
S.C.A. Sea Cargo Automation
S/D Sight Draft
T.E.U Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit
T.H.C. Terminal Handling Charge
T.R.C. Terminal Receiving Charge
V.F.D. Value For Duty
W/M Weight Or Measure (whichever is greater)